Becoming A Programmer — What’s Next?

It’s been a journey going from barely any knowledge of coding to creating my own programs from scratch. I was always curious about coding and now I’ve created handful of programs using Sinatra, Ruby On Rails, JavaScript, and React. I’m only just getting started and I look forward to what’s next in my journey as a software engineer. One of the next steps in my journey is learning how to code while continuing to be and make a positive impact in the world.

I want to use code to create software that solves problems, or at least creates a new path to a solution, for many of modern problems facing our world. While I know software and computer technology can’t solve all of our human problems, it can and should be able to get us on a good foot. I once read a book titled “Stuffed and Starved,” which was about how some populations around the world are staving while others are over eating. It’s a very nuanced issue but from a very logical, and “we are the world,” type point of view, it doesn’t have to be that way and I believe there’s something we can do about it. Software could be used to alleviate this issue by ensuring those who need the most are getting there needs addressed, but I’m not actually sure if anyone is working on such programs. I plan to get involve with CodeForAmerican and IBM’s Call for Code to learn more about coding solutions that help to solve some of the world’s problem.

I also plan to learn more about machine learning and AI; as technology becomes more and more prevalent in our lives, so does artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, because of some of the implicit bias in our society, and people themselves, we’re sadly creating machines that have the same or similar bias. I want to become involved with the movement looking into ethical AI and ensuring that computers remain, or can better become, conduits to a better human society instead of reenforcing the status quo. Software is being used by many people across the globe, with rates only increasing, and the more people involved with the creation of said software, the more it’s able to enhance the human experience. I think my background in social justice and community impact will help me to create programs that are more suited to fostering a better world. I’m a firm believer that the internet, software, and related technologies enhances human communication and abilities, and should be used to do exactly that. It has a lot of potential to bring us to another level but we must ensure that we don’t leave anyone one behind.

Similarly, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are an emerging technology that many are getting involved and don’t necessarily understand. The way that it’s being used now has the potential to change everything. Financial technology is experiencing a resurgence with blockchain being the main reason for it. While I only have a cursory understanding of block chain technology, meaning I only really know that it’s like a ledger that can’t be changed with a single source of truth, I know more people need to be involved. Otherwise, many will be left behind creating a gap in wealth while many populations are only just beginning to acquire generation wealth. There are so many different cryptocurrencies that I don’t really know where to start, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I’ll likely start with bitcoin and then investigate NFT’s, which I believe use a similar technology. If blockchain and cryptocurrencies do become the next wave and way of our financial world, I don’t want to be one of those left behind. I might not have the surfboard to ride that wave just yet, but I am swimming out into the ocean to learn.

All in all, I have a lot to look forward to in the programming world and I love that I can still care about and work on solutions to problems that I’ve always wanted to solved, just through a different avenue. This next for me!




New Orleans native and Universal man still learning, still growing.

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Trayshawn Webb

Trayshawn Webb

New Orleans native and Universal man still learning, still growing.

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